Iowa Park Jazz Band

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We have two performing ensembles that travel all over the north Texas area. This class is designed to prepare students for the rigors and rewards of a professional musician.  
We meet everyday during 4th period to rehearse new music and the old jazz classics. All students who participate in this class will learn what it is like to build a set list of charts and perform in public at various parties and events. All students are welcome to join, but the top jazz band is selected through an audition process. Everyone selected for the top ensemble will be eligible for a letterman in the spring of the year they join. 

In addition to performing, we also put an emphasis on listening and improvisational skills. Students will be challenged to step outside their comfort zone and improvise melodies around different chordal progressions. All students are encouraged to join this class no matter what instrument you play. We will work with you on a secondary instrument that best fits you and your abilities. Everyone who joins this class must also be enrolled in the 2nd period marching and concert band. We are always looking for specialty instruments such as piano, bass, and guitar. These instruments will audition with Mr. Bradberry before enrolling in the class.